EPIC AGE MEDIA is a dynamic and innovative award-winning entertainment company that is simply overflowing with creative energy, new ideas and and a heck of a lot of fun!


We specialize in tabletop roleplaying games, board games and card games, as well as new and original films and television series.


We are also creating our own unique line of comic books, music and original fiction.


Our interests and hobbies are varied and thus our products are as well. So if you like games, films, music or fiction, you'll find something here with EPIC AGE MEDIA as the saga unfolds...


S5A - The 12 Rings of the Emperor: The Priestess's Tale published digitally, October 2022

Epic Age Media's 14th Anniversary, September 2022


James Shade's birthday month, August 2022

Sixth anniversary of the Powers Beyond roleplaying game, July 2022


Two year anniversary of the Epic Anthology of Galaxy Prime, June 2022


Wallet Warriors Wormholes published, May 2022


Heroes of the Pulp Age standee set published, April 2022

Wallet Warriors Deluxe Edition published, March 2022

Heroes of the Pulp Age roleplaying game published, February 2022

Exhibited at Houston Gamers Con, January 2022

Donated games and books to local libraries, December 2021


Heroes of the Pulp Age boardgame published, November 2021

Writing, Design & Publishing services debuted, October 2021


Epic Age Media's 13th Anniversary, September 2021

James Shade's birthday month, August 2021

Heroes of the Pulp Age RPG Sneak Peek Preview published digitally, June 2021


New Galaxy Prime miniatures introduced, April 2021



Unearthing Soon!

S5A - The 12 Rings of the Emperor: The Champion's Tale

S5A - The 12 Rings of the Emperor: Tales 5 & 6 

Galaxy Prime - The Sulven Documents

Galaxy Prime - The Inon Report

Galaxy Prime - The Sovaari Revelation

Powers Beyond - The Fourth Far-out Supplement

Powers Beyond - The Fifth & Final Supplement

Galaxy Prime Starship Miniatures sets

Hero Power card game

Wallet Warriors Wasteland

Wallet Warriors Wild West

Whomp 'em! Stomp 'em! Chomp 'em! board game

Epic Age Media Overture