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Suburban Wars

The Game of Nutty Neighborhood Nonsense!


“Oh, look honey! The Wilsons just got a new RV.”

“That’s nice, dear. Our garden is still better than theirs.”

“But Bob just got a promotion at work…”

“That’s okay. We still have more money than them.”

“And they have a pool…”

“But they’ll never use it.”

“Why not?”

“Didn’t you see what I put in it?”


Duel with your friends and family to have the best household in your neighborhood. Don’t let those pesky folks next door outdo you! This card game for 2-6 players gives you the chance to pursue and achieve that suburban bliss so many are seeking. Buy more stuff, throw bigger parties and kiss up to the people who pass through your community. Show off and strut your stuff in front of your neighbors, and maybe play a prank or two. After all, they really didn’t need that white picket fence anyway…

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