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Build a settlement among the stars!


Mankind has finally found a planet suitable for habitation far away in a distant solar system. The race to claim its lands is on and competition is fierce! Resources are scarce and the colonists threaten to rebel if their taxes are too high! Will you be able to create the first successful colony on this alien world or will crime, natural disasters and space pirates spell doom for your fledgling settlement?

From 2-4 intrepid explorers will attempt to settle, build and administrate over a small colony on a far away planet. Players may work together or against each other in the struggle to find suitable land, sufficient resources and a happy equilibrium among the populace. Taxes, buildings and the military all play an important role in achieving a functioning and thriving settlement, while random planetary events keep you on your toes. Whoever scores the most economic, military and socio-political points is the winner!

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