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The Saga of 5 Ages

An epic tale spanning thousands of years, told by those that have lived through them all.

The 12 Rings of the Emperor

What is the meaning behind this enigmatic phrase? Is it a riddle to be solved? Or is there treasure to be found?


New, revised and updated with startling alien writings and more info on races!

36 black and white illustrations of over 2 dozen different species that populate Galaxy Prime!

Depicted in pen, ink and charcoal these representations from the roleplaying game are stunning to behold!

See the war-like Kor, the fun-loving Ziryan and the uncanny Uluthu!

Excellent original pieces suitable for reference, coloration or framing!

“...let your Q*drives cool and get ready for some wild words...”

Seven stories of adventure, greed, romance and war. True tales of crime, betrayal, reputation and revenge!

Compiled by the not-so-famous Kywokki explorer Grondabogga, these re-tellings are drawn from events that are 100% factual.

Delve into the history of the Triumvirate and the end of the Kor-Sovaari war. See how far the Riin will go to secure their professional reputations. Fear the invisible machinations of the ever-lurking Runarian threat.

Complete with character art and bonus materials, these chronicles are based on the award-winning Galaxy Prime roleplaying game.

A Tome of Lyrics, Poems and Anecdotes from the Hard Rockin’ Days of Heavy Metal

A memoir based on lyrics, poems and anecdotes from the glory days of heavy metal, when long hair, headbangers and metalheads ruled the earth!


Now revised and updated with NEW songs, NEW poems and rockin' NEW anecdotes!

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