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Epic Age Media is a fantastical maelstrom of legendary sagas and

creative musings as told through the dynamic visual and written

mediums of the enigmatic master mythmaker James Shade.

James Shade is the creative force behind Epic Age Media,

and craftsman behind whimsical tales, imaginative worlds and

heroic adventures.

Together they have spawned over 2 dozen board games, card

games, roleplaying games, novels and music albums. Published

titles include Galaxy Prime, Powers Beyond, All Hallows Eve,

Roadkill Rumble, Wallet Warriors, Suburban Wars,

Saga of 5 Ages and others.


James Shade is also the founder of Darkside Gaming (1996-2007) where he later expanded into film and television production, including the sitcom Morgue & Stein and the award-winning short film Tomboys.


All good things will come to an end, however, when he grabs his whip and fedora and ventures into the field of archeology...

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