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Spine-tingling pulp adventure!

The two-fisted tales of yesteryear return as dashing men and women scour the globe in search of legendary relics and dark enigmas!

- Be the first to hop on board a zeppelin, explore the jungles of deepest darkest Africa or hunt down the lost Ark of the Covenant!

Play as any one of 38 distinct Trades, such as archeologist, explorer, spy or private investigator!

- Delve into the esoteric mysteries of lost religions as a zealous cultist, fly the first airplanes as a daring pilot or invent fascinating new devices as a brilliant tinker!


A d10 system and four simple stats keep the mechanics smooth-flowing, while 4 sub-stats give your character flavor!


- Use your Guts and Ingenuity to safely navigate through a lost temple or utilize your Flair and Demeanor to charm your way through life!

Luck and Legend points insures that your intrepid adventurer can pull off the impossible and escape from any hopeless situation! Outlooks and Motives flesh out your character and make him a memorable hero!

- Go 50 fathoms down in a submersible looking for Atlantis, seek out King Arthur's crown or strike it rich by discovering King Solomon's mines!

Forty unique Backstories, both beneficial and detrimental, give your character a detailed history and a springboard for an exciting career!

- Be a multi-lingual expert, a hardened combat veteran or train your own sidekick!


Nearly 4 dozen skills allow your hero to succeed using his strongest traits, available equipment and resources!

- Fire off deadly artillery, conduct surgery in the field or learn the use of the telegraph!


An intuitive Incantation system lets you introduce Ritual and Alchemical magics to the campaign!

- Mix protective elixirs as an Alchemist, invoke ritual curses as a Shaman or do both as a dangerous Mystic!

Combat is quick and easy with the chance to create a Thrill or Bungle effect!


- Do battle on the fields of World War I, fight against gangsters during Prohibition or take part in the Russian revolution!


Play through 50 years of historical scenarios, from 1895 to 1945!


- Search for Klondike gold, ride alongside Pancho Villa or join Howard Carter during his discovery of King Tut's tomb!


The treasures of the past are just waiting to be found!


Will you become a legendary adventurer or a simple footnote in history?

Heroes of the Pulp Age
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