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The Rift

A Scifi Boardgame


It looms before you like a great gaping maw, threatening to consume everything: a vast hole in space and time, of matter and void, warping the very fabric of reality, causing chaos and unexplainable, horrific events. It grows at an exponential rate, leaving you precious little time to research the cause and find a solution that will mend the Rift and save the universe!

From 2-4 players will race across the Cosmos trying to gather enough technology to seal the Rift before it’s too late. Conquer planets, fight aliens and avoid deadly hazards. They are only means to an end in your time-critical mission.








Planets are setup randomly so gameplay is different every time. Events have large effects on the board so players must be careful as to where they move and conquer. Once you have captured enough Aliens, their combined research points will help you to buy Tech which will not only help against your enemies but is necessary to seal the Rift. Uses 12-sided dice.

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