Wallet Warriors


They’re brave, adventurous & ready to explore!

Step out of the dungeon and into the light of the endless wilderness! Face deadly new monsters, defeat insidious new traps and discover incredible new treasures! This expansion set for Wallet Warriors gives you new encounter charts, new scenarios and a new challenge: random Events! Plus, with 24 new map cards to explore, the adventure can go on forever. More markers, figures and dice make the set a must have for die-hard adventurers! So get ready to brave the mountains, swamps, oceans and forests of the Wallet Warriors Wilderness!


Includes 24 new Wilderness map cards, 4 new Scenario cards, 2 new Encounter cards, 1 new Trap/Treasure card, 1 Event chart, 8 Treasure markers, 2 adventurous figurines and 2 dice!