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Heroes of the Future!

Less than a century from now, superhuman power-beings will battle crime and conspiracy for the fate of civilization!

- Track down the enigmatic V.E.X. entity, do battle with the evil Superiors or join the super-team Dragonflight!

For some, society has taken a step back in a dark and cynical world. But for others, science and evolution have allowed mankind to take a giant leap forward.


- Hit the streets as a genetically engineered being, an evolutionary aberration or even a cyborg!

Roleplay in this world as power-beings with your own agenda, be it heroic or villainous.


- Use your Muscular Power, Mental Acuity and Physical Agility to out-muscle, out-think and out-maneuver your enemies!

Create and derive your own power-being from any one of over a dozen origins, each with its own abilities and benefits.

- Explore (or conquer!) the war-torn planet as an alien lifeform, a dimensional being or a time traveller!

Boost your character with over 100 powers from 8 different categories, each with its own sub-powers and variations, over 550 in all!!

- Fire off elemental bursts, animate non-organic matter or use mind control to summon hordes of creatures!

A wide variety of combat and non-combat skills await your usage, nearly 2 dozen total!!


- Get the drop on your enemy with stealth, use trick shots to surprise him or have him face your underworld allies!

Download temporary 1-shot skills directly to your brain for those special scenarios.


- Become an instant master of melee attacks, ranged combat and military weaponry!


Power up your character to gain even more skills and abilities, or invent and build technological devices to use against your foes. Improve your stats and existing powers, using them in ways you never thought possible.

- Go from gigantic to microscopic in seconds, turn your body projectiles into razors or expand your dampening field to include magic!

A simple d10 system keeps the action fast and furious, just like in comic books. Multiple actions and attacks are a staple, allowing for more dynamic encounters.

- Hit 'em with a triple haymaker, a punch-kick-headbutt routine or 2 kicks and a mind blast!

Choose your offensive and defensive maneuvers like Carrier Attack or Team Defense, with 10 special maneuvers in all.

- Get the whole team in on one massive assault, sneak in behind the bad guys for a back attack or go for all-out action!

Easy to use rules for weapons, vehicles, companions, knockback, breakage, jumping, falling, lifting and throwing keep combat interesting.

- Add awesome gadgets to your tricked out rifle, customize your bad-ass helicopter or equip your sidekick with all manner of dangerous gizmos!

Nearly a century of future history covers the new laws and governments, technology and religion, crime and cults, even other dimensions.

- Delve into alien tech, rescue civilians trapped in the plague zone or visit the mystical world of Tharkilia!

Multiple organizations and fugitives give your power-beings purpose from the get-go.

- Fight alongside Team GOLD, round up the Rad Lords or hunt down the twins of terror Mauler & Brawler!

Civilization lies upon the brink of anarchy!

Will you use your powers to become its revered savior or its domineering master?

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