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Galaxy Prime

In the multitude of universes...
There are a myriad of galaxies...
But there is only one...GALAXY PRIME!

Galaxy Prime is the place to find strange species from other worlds, sprawling galactic empires, and gigantic armed battlecruisers.

¨ Ride shotgun with a patrol of L’krian Lawmen, cut a deal with a Grengi trader or join the mystical cult of the Kinet. Sign on for piracy with the Tuth crimelords, capture fugitives as an Izari bounty hunter or assassinate a Runarian tyrant.

Galaxy Prime opens up an infinite world of roleplaying adventure.

¨ Explore the mysterious and dangerous worlds of the Frontier, spread the wisdom and enlightenment of the Arrn philosophy or assemble an ancient weapon to defeat the dreaded Mordas.

Choose from 36 playable races and 14 different occupations. Over 500 combinations!

¨ Dominate the battlefield as a Kor general, trick out your ride as an Uncha techie, or help smuggle the Buthari people to freedom.

Tweak out your character with deadly skills, sweet cybergear and genetic mutations.

¨ Break the monetary stranglehold of the Thasian Autocracy, join BUPO’s traveling circus or assemble a fleet of your own.

A simple percentile system allows you to focus on your character and the action, not on game mechanics. Calculated stat values, racial and occupational modifiers (and especially Luck points) keeps it interesting!

¨ Will the formation of a Galactic Council bring peace and order to the galaxy? Will the oppressive Drakasian rule be maintained in their sector? Will the dark Gich take control of the Kor Regime?

Quick and easy rules keep ship-to-ship battles short and decisive. Awesome Kinet powers even the odds against well-armed enemies. Speedy character engineering gets you right into the game, while simple advancement rules let you continue play quickly.

¨ Arm yourself with lethal plasma swords, rapid-fire pulse rifles and nasty tox-guns. Get decked out in Exomech cybergear, Voskan battle armor and a Riin stealth suit.

Simple starship design rules include over a dozen base configurations and an infinite number of add-on combinations!

¨ Track down galactic rumors, customize your security bots or build your own empire.

An expansive timeline gives plenty of background information and springboard adventure ideas. With 12 galactic sectors and over 100 systems, planets and anomalies to explore!

The fate of Galaxy Prime is in your hands!

Will you save it from annihilation or bring it to its knees?

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