Morgue & Stein


A dark comedy set in the early 1800’s somewhere in western Europe. It hosts a cadre of quirky patrons that frequent the Lively Mug, a tavern that secretly is doubling as a clearinghouse for cadavers and body parts. Dr. Stein conducts experiments with the organic material trying to become the world’s greatest physician while advancing medical science which in those days was primitive and still illegal. Meanwhile the bar owner and friends try to skirt the law and the church with hilarious consequences. 


Currently, there are 36 episodes outlined, 5 written and 2 produced.Morgue & Stein features an ensemble cast (9) of some of Houston’s finest and funniest actors. The set is all original, built from scratch and features 3 rooms resembling an early 1800’s tavern, cellar and bedroom. The goal is to have Morgue & Stein placed on network, local, and/or cable tv, or perhaps as a DVD or web series. It is currently being shopped around to local, national and international stations. 


Morgan – hardworking Scottish tavern owner

Dr. Stein – mad German scientist experimenting in the cellar

Olga – wife of Morgan, daughter of Stein; devilish yet sweet

Maggie – tawdry English bar wench

Maximilian – gay Russian bouncer

The Constable – a clueless French law enforcement officer

Sister Mary – Irish nun and ex-wife of Stein; mother to Olga

The Colonel – retired English army officer; drunk and senile

Black Marketeer – African smuggler and man-of-mystery



Worldfest International Film Festival
Bronze Remi - "Tomboys"
October 2011

Houston Comedy FilmFest
Official Selection - "Tomboys"
November 2011