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GameMaster for Hire!

Professional Roleplaying GameMaster


Over 40 years experience with roleplaying games, board games and card games, both as a gamemaster and a player.


Over 150 games in my collection with over a dozen genres to choose from. 

Dynamic Storytelling

From one-shots to full-length campaigns, your adventure can be as long or short as you want.

All Inclusive

All materials provided. Books, maps, dice, figures and more. Sometimes even props!


Always on time and always prepared. No waiting around or wondering what happened.


Life happens and I am willing and able to make changes to days, times and venues.


Over 20 years experience in the game industry as a writer, game designer, publisher, panelist, demo artist, convention exhibitor and more.


Excellent references from a variety of industry professionals, gamemasters and players alike.


As an instructor I can teach you not only to play new games but also how to run them.


I can help to outline your worlds, adventures and campaigns or add some fleshy twists and characters to them.

Reasonable Fees/Multiple Options

For only $20 per person per session you will receive a typed journal of your adventures and a free set of dice! Alternately, you may purchase one of my games from Epic Age Media and the cost will go towards the $20 per session fee. Other services vary.

Paypal or Cash works just fine.




"James was my first GM, and while I have had many others none have been as good as him." ---Dale R.

"Rare. Epic. Legendary. Before these were overused descriptors for collectible card games, they perfectly described Mr. Shade’s GMing. I spent several years immersed in his worlds across genres and game systems and enjoyed every second of it. Even with some difficult party members, James expertly balanced the storyline, logistics, and personalities to deliver maximum fun. I have priceless memories of our time together and give him my highest recommendation!" ---Alejandro P. 

"James is the kind of G.M. who isn't afraid to let his players run with their ideas no matter how insane they are. James is an artist of the imagination. His stories paint rich, provocative settings in the minds of his players." ---Jason C.

"Witty, creative, flexible and knows how to work with players to make a game memorable!" ---Jonny S.

"I came into Dungeons & Dragons as a complete newbie but James' dedication and professionalism as a GM made our campaign easy and fun to learn and be a part of. This guy is great!" ---Karly H.

"James Shade is such a good GM that I was willing to drive an hour to spend a day playing in his campaign in a house without air conditioning, in the summer, in Texas, weekly."  ---Kevin B.

"I've been gaming for 20 years. It's been five years since I played in one of James' games, and that game is still one of the most memorable games I've been in!" ---Jason P.

"James is a brilliant DM. His games are original, creative, fun, and intense. I've never played with anyone better!"  ---Gary W.

“James is a dedicated, fun and reliable GM. He was always available for our weekly scheduled sessions, and was the perfect balance of pre-planning and letting the story go where we took it. He has even written multiple original systems of his own, which are lots of fun! I would definitely recommend James!”  ---Alex B.

"James has a unique ability to draw you into the worlds that he creates for his games.  His worldbuilding and scene set up could be screenplays.   He has a strong understanding of any complex rule set and can relate those to newer players with ease. As a game master there is no one better. ---Sean W.

"James Shade is an outstanding creative mind, quick witted, and dedicated to ensuring fun is had by all. Having been in several different style games ran by him, I can honestly say he is by far one of my favorite GM's and weaver of stories." ---Robert P.

"As a GM, James helps a lot when creating a character to flesh out their story. He has ideas how to progress towards your vision of the character as it evolves. And despite players sometimes going off task, James knows how to guide us back to the game." ---William L.

James is a great storyteller. He easily adjusts to fit his unique players during game play, and he does an amazing job keeping all players involved. ---Jasmine H.

If you are in it for the story James has got you. In it for the crawl and grind? James has still got you. The most balanced experience with a GM that I have ever had. ---Tyler P.


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