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The Rift

A Scifi Boardgame


1. Countdown - Instead of placing the planets randomly, begin the game with all 6 of them in the row furthest from the Rift, ie. hexes 2.12 through 12.12, making sure none of them are adjacent. Also, each player may begin the game with 1 random piece of Tech and 1 random Alien card. After each full round of play, the Rift will exert a gravitational surge and all planets, SHIPs and on-board Event tokens will move 1 hex towards the Rift. This gives the players only 12 turns to seal the Rift and win the game, otherwise everyone loses. A fast-paced, intense scenario not for the faint of heart!


2. Traffic - Begin the game with all 7 Event tokens placed randomly on the board and remove their corresponding cards from the Event deck. Anyone that defeats the Alien Outpost may immediately draw 1 Tech card for free. Any player that defeats the Space Monster may draw 1 Alien card and he will remain with the player until stolen or killed, adding his Power and Research to the owner permanently. When someone destroys the Space Pirates (Power 20 in this scenario) they may draw 1 free Tech card and 1 Alien card. This is a very busy scenario with a crowded map but with some interesting opportunities!


3. The Artifact - Players may wish to find an alternate solution to sealing the Rift and this scenario lets them seek victory through other means. First, a player will need to procure the Alien Artifact Event card. Next, he must also acquire either the Android or Mega Computer Tech card. Lastly, if he is able to find a top Alien scientist card (Research 6) and bring all three of these to the Rift he will automatically win the game!



NOTE: A fantasy-themed version of THE RIFT is coming soon and will be fully compatible with the scifi version for a truly EPIC game!

Enslave demonic creatures to overpower your opponent while harnessing their magical energies to seal the RIFT before it swallows the world!

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