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The Rift

A Scifi Boardgame

Optional Rules

  • Roll a die for your movement instead of using a set number

  • When you beat a player in combat you may choose which Alien or Tech to steal instead of selecting one randomly

  • For a shorter game, you may attempt to seal the Rift with only a total of 15

  • For a longer game, you may only seal the Rift with a total of 25

  • Random SHIP generation (see below)


Roll a d6 before the game starts:

1 - Power 4/Speed 8

2 - Power 5/Speed 7

3&4 - Power 6/Speed 6

5 - Power 7/Speed 5

6 - Power 8/Speed 4

Rules Clarification: All SHIPs begin with a Power & Speed of 4.

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