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Suburban Wars

The Game of Nutty Neighborhood Nonsense!

Creator's Commentary

Twenty-one years. It's an awfully long time to live somewhere that you don't consider your home. But my time in California wasn't a total waste. It inspired this game! Just watching how all those neighbors and neighborhoods scrambled to be the most perfect, trendy and richest in the county would make your head spin. Glad I wasn't a part of that. Luckily, as an observer, I could see the humor in their foibles; the manicured yards (done by hired hands), the new car every 2 years, the perceived power that came with being a part of the homeowners association, etc. Oh, what a shallow web they weaved...

          Quick little card games are always fun. Even more so when they reflect something you can identify with. It always feels funny to me playing games like Chez Geek, as the topic and setting hit a little too close to home. Reminds me of my youth in an awkward way. And so Suburban Wars reminds me of my years in Cali, and all the seemingly fake people who put more stock in image and appearances instead of wisdom and virtue. Not that I am perfect, far from it. But, oye, the constant upgrading of tech, acquisition and improvement of property and maneuvering for a better position on the PTA! It really was farcical. So I had to make a game of it.

          It was simplicity itself; Objects help you win while Actions keep others from doing so. And random People and Holidays might throw a wrench in the works, just for fun. Plus, many of the cards involve players' real-life choices, ie. what they are wearing, their marital status, and so on.

          So just be careful with how you live your might just find yourself the subject of a game!

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