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Word Scroll

It was a time of great upheaval. The power of the VILE BLOG had made its resurgence. No one knew what form the blog would take next but it was a subject of great trepidation throughout the entire blogospherical universe. Events had come to pass that allowed this insidious re-emergence and it was feared that once begun its power could not be stopped. In past eons, after many METAL MISSIVES, the blog had incorporated versions of itself into such far flung places as GALAXY PRIME and ALPHA COLONY, usually around the sacred time of ALL HALLOWS EVE. It is theorized that the previous incarnation of the blog had originated from THE RIFT and its sudden appearance caused many SUBURBAN WARS and ROADKILL RUMBLES. Thus the EPIC AGE Empire had sent forth its WALLET WARRIORS to confront and, if necessary, annihilate the blog in its entirety. For a while, they were successful but little did they know that the blog had only laid dormant, hibernating and recouping its strength and vital energies for its next assault upon an unsuspecting world. In PHOBIC anticipation of this, the EPIC AGE Empire made ready to re-locate its headquarters to that of a safer and more strategic locale, something along the lines of the world of Dreganos as spoken of in the SAGA OF 5 AGES. Poring exhaustively over the GILGARI DOSSIER and the THASIAN FILES, it was hoped that some scrap of arcane information could be found that would enable them to deal decisively with the blog once and for all. But, as yet, the ROGUE elements of this endeavor had little to go on and were forced to improvise, much to the chagrin of those involved. And so they began to send out wave after wave of ARTISTIC TRANSMISSIONS, casting a wide net that would eventually capture the essence of the blog and bring the conflict to a thundering crescendo. How many MORGUES & STEINS would they have to pass through to see this to its end? How many TOMBOYS would be needlessly sacrificed? How many times would JACK fight the ROBOT? Only time would tell, but there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the EPIC AGE Empire would need the assistance of POWERS BEYOND...

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