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Return of the Guru

B.L.O.G. (Brief Lessons On Gaming)

"Return of the Guru"

Though it hath been many moons since my last appearance, I assure you that I am in good health and that all is well. I have not been idle in my absence, exploring new and different pathways yet at the same time recouping my creative energies that had become somewhat depleted after many a long campaign to bring new and different entertainments into the world. But fear not, for…


Many of you know me by reputation if not by name, for in the distant past I was the proprietor of Darkside Productions, a small enterprise that hunted down games of yore and brought them back into the public arena for resale. Now, for the past decade, I have lorded over my new empire, that of Epic Age Media, in an effort to bring new and original games, books, movies and music into being. Thus far the work goes well with nearly 2 dozen items on the market and several awards to our name. You may be familiar with some of them, such as the roleplaying games Galaxy Prime and Powers Beyond. Or perhaps the board games known as Wallet Warriors and Alpha Colony. Still others are the card games Suburban Wars, Roadkill Rumble and All Hallows Eve. Or maybe your taste runs more along the lines of fantasy fiction, as in the Saga of 5 Ages series. For the film lovers we have created Tomboys and a trailer for the upcoming Morgue & Stein sitcom. And of course the music of Rogue to accompany all of it.

But in spite of all these accomplishments, or perhaps because of them, I have realized that there comes a point in one's life and/or career where you must take stock of what you have learned and turn it around, imparting this knowledge to those that are still attempting to climb that hill as you did so many eons ago. The title of GURU does not come lightly as I have spent nearly 40 years in the hobby (and 20 years in the industry) earning this vast wealth of arcane lore. The experiences have been myriad and the network of people I have spoken to and learned from are legion. There are many pitfalls when undertaking a task of this magnitude and there are entire realms of information that are both hidden and obscure. Many people are blissfully unaware of just how big and daunting some of these industries, companies, hobbies and games can be. As such, I do hereby take it upon myself to illuminate those that are worthy and shed light upon some of the more esoteric aspects of this milieu.

Future topics may include, but are not limited to:

(in no particular order)

Societal benefits of gaming

History of games

Game design

House rules for games

Game Collecting

Types of games

Gaming celebrities

Introducing newbies to games

Women in gaming

How to be a better Gamemaster

How to be a better player

Gaming Dice

Game Conventions

Publishing games

Marketing games

Game companies

Miniature figures for games

Roleplaying games

Board games

Card games

Miniature battle games

Campaign worlds for gaming

Magic/tech in games

Game genres

Roleplaying game Campaigns

One-shot roleplaying games

Game Demos

Game Modules

Games supplies

Game Handouts

Virtual tabletops for gaming

Level vs. skill based games

Future games and supplements

Character archetypes in roleplaying games

The Ultimate Scenario Generator for RPGs

Game Group Dynamics

Game Writers/artists

Guest bloggers/interviews

Gaming Music

And of course some of my favorite moments in gaming.

But fear not, for this is not intended to be a one-way dissertation from the Master. I wish to hear your stories as well. What topics do you wish to learn about? How has your own experience been? How has gaming affected your life? This discussion promises to be both lively and intriguing!

So heed well these forthcoming words of wisdom, for they are hard won and voluminous. It is my sincere hope that they shall not only inform but also inspire others to similar greatness and enlightenment.

The game guru hath spoken.


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