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FACTIONS: This version of Alpha Colony is essentially the same...except the neighbors are not so friendly. Players may not trade or sell resources to each other, but worst of all they may invade each other's territory! Military units may be moved to an opponents land plot and he may then attack. If the victim chooses to defend with his own available unit, each player then rolls 2 dice and on a 7+ the enemy is destroyed. If there is no military defense, the aggressor may attempt to destroy a settlement, factory or building, also on a 7+. Lastly, he may simply raid the opponents treasury by rolling a die and stealing that amount x$100. Each military unit may still only perform one action each turn.


NATIVES: Aliens inhabit the lands that you wish to colonize! The $300 land fee will be waived but each turn that a player draws a plot he must roll a die to see how many hostile natives live there (use the pirate pieces to represent them); on a 1-2 there is only 1, on a 3-4 there are 2 and on a 5-6 there are 3 nasty aliens! If he has a military unit he may then choose to attack the natives later in his turn, succeeding in subduing them on a 7+. No settlements, factories or buildings may be placed there until all the aliens have been subdued. The natives will still count towards his rebellion factor (as criminals) and against his victory points, but the land plot will add to his victory points as any other. Each player may draw only 1 land plot per turn and each military unit may still only act once per turn.

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