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Optional Rules

  • For a longer, slower game, start with only 1 land plot, 1 settlement and/or $100.

  • To ease the burden of swampy territory, allow schools/hospitals to be built there or remove its rebellion factor.

  • You may wish to make exploration more exciting by requiring that a military unit be sent along; on a 7+ the unit is lost and no land is gained (this is in place of the $300 fee).

  • If money flows too freely, you may wish to close the "bank" and disallow players from selling their excess resources. If resources are too tight, make the cost of buying them from Earth only $100.

  • For a more dynamic game, reshuffle the Event deck when it is exhausted. For a more straightforward game, remove the Events altogether.

  • For a shorter game, let it end when all of the land plots have been discovered, not developed.

  • For an easier game, replace one of the swamp plots with a river plot before play begins. For a harder game, replace one of the river plots with a swamp plot.

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