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Powers Beyond ECoverDT.png

Heroic Effort: spend half of your maximum KO to gain 1 Action. This can only be done once per session.

Serious Hurt: any time you receive Fatal damage, half of it is also applied to your KO.

Killer Combo: Anytime a hero wants to throw out a quick melee combination of Punch, Kick, Headbutt (or elbow or knee or any combo thereof) without any interrutpion of other Actions (skills, movement, etc.) he may roll all three dice at once and if all three indicate hits then he may choose a special effect such as Stun (1 turn), double Knockback, double your Damage Bonus, gain an Action, win Initiative next turn or any other effect the GM approves.

Eagle Eye: If the combatants aren't hitting each other enough, you may add bonuses to their Hit rolls using their Damage Bonus to add to melee attacks, their Initiative Bonus to add to ranged attacks (firearms, etc.) and their Intellect Bonus when using powers to attack.

Power Limits: using the same Power in separate Actions or separate turns has a cumulative effect with regards to RAD and other built-in limitations, ie. using Telekinesis to lift 600 pounds and adding 400 pounds on the next Action/turn equals 1000 pounds, with each additional object lifted also subtracting 1 turn from the Duration (so 3 objects would subtract 3 from the total Duration each turn).
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