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  • Scenario #3 variants: For a shorter game, collect 10,000 gold; for a longer game, collect 30,000 gold

  • Scenario #4 variants: Defeat 5 Traps; for a shorter game, defeat 3 Traps/Monsters; for a longer game, defeat 10 Traps/Monsters

  • Scenario #5 variants: for a shorter game, achieve 4th level; for a longer game, achieve 12th level

  • Scenario #6 variant: Rescue the Princess - similar to "Find the Artifact", layout the entire map. Then place a marker (the Princess) in a room 2-3 cards away from your starting place. Fight your way to her and bring her back to start. However, her captor keeps her on the move. After each turn you take, she moves 1 space further away from the Hero for as long as is possible. Any time the Hero rolls an Encounter of "NONE" he may move again without the Princess being moved.

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