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Optional Rules

  • To play an experienced Hero, start at level 3

  • To move through the dungeon faster, use your level as your movement allowance

  • For a more challenging game, dont add your Hero's level to his combat rolls

  • For a more challenging game, make it so that Heroes only gain a level after every 3 victorious combats

  • To have less death, allow the Heroes to take 6 Hits before their demise (7 for Dwarfs)

  • For a Monty Haul game, allow Heroes to carry any number of Treasures

  • To get the most out of your Treasure, allow Potions to have 3 uses

  • If the monsters die too easily, make a roll of "1" an automatic fail

  • If you become over-burdened with Treasure, make it so that each time you are Hit you must also drop a Treasure

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