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Creator's Commentary

The time-honored classic of a random dungeon crawl continues to be a fantasy gaming staple to this day, and Wallet Warriors is no exception. It includes all the best elements of that paradigm and makes them ultimately replayable, something that can be enjoyed over and over no matter how many times you play it. Its got monsters, traps, treasures, magic items, level-gaining, different scenarios and a maleable map that makes the experience unique every time. It wasnt intended to be in-depth (no pun intended!), just a quick game that you can whip out whenever you have a free 10 minutes or so. And because it's so small, it's portable too, so you can take it anywhere. Cards, dice, figures...what could be better? It's fantasy gaming, if not roleplaying, boiled down to its simplest elements. And the system is so basic you can easily modify it and expand upon it in any way you choose; add scenarios, make new characters, new monsters, new traps, new treasures, etc. It's so easy to play and tweak, anybody can do it. Makes a great way to introduce the hobby to others too! Enjoy!

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