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An Espionage Roleplaying Epic

This information has been classified Above Top Secret!

Criminal syndicates, mad despots and rogue intelligence organizations vie for world domination!

- Infiltrate, sabotage and assassinate as an operative of one of the world's top espionage agencies. But watch out! In the shadowy world of spies, not all is as it seems...

Play under various code names and aliases, as part of a team or as a solo agent while loyalties and allegiances are constantly shifting!

- Save the world as part of Force Monarch, commit atrocious acts of grand larceny for OmniCrime or join up with the mysterious z:1:z

Learn a plethora of skills, gain valuable contacts and face down enemies of the state!


- Become an expert sniper, an explosives specialist or a master of martial arts!


A wide variety of specialized weapons and vehicles await your professional use and the tech department is always ready with a new gadget for you to field test!


- Blast away at the enemy with a .50 caliber, race around Europe in your customized Ferarri or burn through their hull with your handy BootBeam(TM)!


The smooth-flowing and easy-to-use mechanics revolve around a single 20-sided die, but the wound effects and critical hits give combat some real bite!


- Go up against Mick Ripper, Tom Clobber or the dreaded Zach Hate!


Character creation is in-depth yet malleable and quickly accomplished, giving you a detailed persona in minutes so you can jump right into the action!


- Play during the tense years of the Cold War or during the subsequent War on Terror.


Work for (or alongside) F-Stryke and West Watch to unravel the insidious machinations of Terrance Dominus!

Freedom and democracy are threatened!

Will you use cunning and expertise to rid the world of would-be dictators or will you use subterfuge and intrigue to undermine the governments of every nation?

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