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Saga of 5 Ages

Scions of Renown!

An epic tale awaits those who are brave enough to forge their own legend...


- Adventure as one of 56 different character types, hone your talents with over 80 skills and abilities, and decimate the enemy with over 800 spells!

Choose from nearly a dozen human and non-human races to play, each with their own benefits and personalities.

- Impress the masses with your Armandian wealth and titles, explore the depths of the oceans as a water-breathing Shintallan or delve into the underground mysteries of the Deepdark as a battle-hardened Zir Dothik!

With four main Callings, 28 specific Callings and 28 elite Callings you may never play the same character twice.

- Battle your way across the world of Dreganos as a fearsome Warrior, charm and pilfer folks as a swashbuckling Knave, invoke deadly magics as an enigmatic Practitioner or call down the wrath of the gods as a pious Disciple!

An in-depth background and character creation system ensures your hero will possess a rich tapestry of life even before he sets out for adventure. And the system is malleable enough to allow one to focus their development on stats, abilities, skills or wealth.

- Dominate with magic as a Disciple that can cast Practitioner spells, surprise your opponents as a Knave with tremendous strength and stamina or be ready for anything as a Warrior with a plethora of non-combat skills!

Learn abilities unique to your Calling or any one of 40 skills and advanced skills. Plus 18 race-specific abilities, including alternate Disciple and Practitioner magics.


- Experiment with Dragon magic, blast away at enemies with psionics or deal out death-from-above with the horrendous Jump Attack!


Detailed, yet smooth-flowing mechanics allow you to use all of your dice, improving their quality and quantity as you go. The simplistic advancement system lets you become more powerful as you gain bonus advantages at the 5th and 10th levels of Renown.



- Command the hordes as a barbarian chieftain, dispatch the unworthy as a lethal assassin, become master of earth, air, fire and water as an elemental lord, or pursue the gods' agenda as an unrelenting inquisitor!

A plethora of weapons, armor and equipment are at your disposal, while unique mystic items, holy relics and magical artifacts are just waiting to be found.


- Don scintillating shard armor, wield a deadly scythe or master the use of a Kalisian sceptre!

Dozens of monsters, both classical and exotic, lurk around every corner. Some are friend, some are foe, but all can become thrilling encounters.

- Face down a shambling greenbeast, go toe-to-toe with an eerie starfiend or try to cleanse the world of the dreaded soulmass!

Two seperate and distinct pantheons and 14 different divinities to choose from ensure that religion will be a fascinating pursuit and the agendas of the gods will come into conflict, proving what a driving force that faith can be.

- Deal out justice in the name of Amitar, create new magics at the whim of Vamesha or prove yourself in battle to impress the Forger!

Over two dozens nations are described and detailed, giving you plenty of settings to campaign in and a vast variety of lands to explore and discover, including the strangeness of the Innerworlds.

- Visit the glacial cliffs of Lumloa, the "great white grave", tread the black sands of Shadrakir or make your way through the scattered ruins of Diathilos, the fallen empire!

A fully-fleshed out timeline provides centuries worth of history for the world of Dreganos. Each era is also carefully detailed so that you can set your story in any one of the 5 ages.

- Help build an empire during the Age of Nations, be the first to set foot on virgin soil during the Age of Discovery or fight against the gods themselves in the Age of War!

The Saga of 5 Ages has yet to be told!

Will you become a legend of renown or a figure of infamy?


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