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Roadkill Rumble

A card game of clever critters & road rage!

Optional Rules

  • For more mutilation and mayhem, play to 200 points. Or if you are really angry, play until all of the critters or vehicles are scored...

  • If you want more Hazards to choose from, increase the hand limit to 5 cards.

  • To give the more sluggish saps a chance, let the slower vehicle/critter play and resolve the first Hazard card.

  • Traffic option: flip 2 or more vehicles/critters at the start of the turn. Whoever has the fastest card (or the most fast cards) plays and resolves the first Hazard, choosing which of the opponent's cards it affects, where applicable. Then, in the Rumble phase, the slowest card (or whoever has the most slow cards) chooses which of his own cards he wishes to Rumble with and gets to pick which opponent he Rumbles against. If there are still cards left over after the Rumble, they are discarded.


Rules Clarifications

"Discarding" affects those cards in play and they are put into the discard pile, whereas cards that are wrecked, scored or damaged are placed in the score pile. If something affects your hand or score pile it will state as much.

Cards that have "staying power" (ie. remain in play) are as follows:

Critter Hazards - Road Curves, Fast Food, Yellow Light, Animal Control

Vehicle Hazards - Chewing Gum, Rain, Yellow Light, Pothole

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