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Roadkill Rumble

A card game of clever critters & road rage!

Creator's Commentary

Living in Texas, I have to say...there is a LOT of roadkill. Everything from possums to racoons to cats and dogs to birds, deer, snakes, armadillos and more. Sometimes I wondered if these critters were doing it on purpose, trying to take on cars and trucks, forcing them to swerve off the road so the beasties could get a little peace and quiet. Or maybe the animals were feeling suicidal at the state of their dwindling environment. Or maybe they were just slow.


Of course, we have all been a passenger in the car with that one jerk who sees something living, be it people or fauna, and then yells out "10 points!" before trying to hit the thing. I know, sounds terrible. But the universe is a violent chaotic place that we as humans feel we need to impose order and logic upon to remain sane. Otherwise we are just fragile little organisms flailing about in the great cosmic soup about to be devoured by the all-powerful entropy.


Anyway, it seemed only fair to give the critters a fighting chance. Maybe that baby turtle actually could find a way to take out that 18-wheeler. That would be much more entertaining! Or maybe that dweeb on a moped could squish that alligator without being eaten. Hey, you never know...

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