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Defending a world under siege!

Alien, supernatural and paranormal threats have manifested themselves all across the globe, and its up to you to stop them!

- Chase after lycanthropes, mutants and mothmen! Hunt down vampires, zombies and ghosts! Bring an end to the extraterrestrial war that has spilled over onto Earth!


Play as members of a paramilitary organization that has bases in all parts of the world!

- Take charge of your heavy weapons as a Militarist, make first contact and negotiate with the other-worlders as a Diplomat, sneak onto enemy bases and vessels as an Infiltrator or make use of alien devices as a Technologist!

Get trained in 3 dozen skills and equipped with a plethora of specialized gadgets!


- Disrupt spiritual energy with your proton accelerator, take down mentally-powered mutants with your psychic inhibitor or take out the aliens with noxious T-vapors!


A simple d12 mechanic makes for easy skill and combat resolution, while the intuitive Ranking system and mission-based scenarios insure a fast-paced exciting campaign!

-  Defend against the insectoid Araks, seek out the truth of the Sentions or prevent the machinations of the under-handed rival organization Earth Guard!


Face down numerous traitors, mercenaries and sub-factions in your hunt for desperately needed allies and resources!

- Unravel the mystery behind the Past-Lifers, analyze the consciousness of the Sandmen or stop temporal beings from manipulating the timeline!


Various optional rules allow you to include psychic powers, alien tech and non-human races for players!

- Develop a mutant character, master psionics and then blast away at the enemy with the Appendage Gun!

Easy-to-use hit locations give combat more realistic detail while the debriefing system lets your character advance quickly through the ranks of Earth Threat!


- Eliminate the clone conspiracy, defend society against the Anarchists or protect the innocent against tyrannical Immortals!

The Earth is under attack from within and without!

Will you lead the crusade to guard it against all threats or will you let it fall victim to other-worldly conquerors?

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