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Alien conquerors.


Mutant evolution.


The countdown has begun…



Time is running out!

The earth has endured a wave of alien conquerors, only to be wiped out by their own biological weapons and genetic experiments! But there is hope, and one last chance to save a dying world before the aliens return.

- Recruit marooned aliens sympathetic to your cause, destroy their killing machines and use their own alien technology against them upon their return!

Play as a Human, Alien or even a Hybrid, such as Human/Alien, Human/Animal or Alien/Animal. Each has its own advantages!


- Search for a cure to the plagues or discover one on your own!


Learn new Zones (skills) and gain new Brags (pumpable abilities), over 40 in all!


- Try to unify the species of Earth or repopulate the Human race!

Simple mechanics let you use your d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12 dice!


- Rebuild society and civilization itself or carve out your own existence in the harsh wasteland!

 The fate of the Earth is in your hands!

Will you save it from devastation or escape to find a new Eden?

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