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All Hallows Eve

A Spooky, Creepy, Crawly Card Game!

Creator's Commentary

The idea for this game is all due to one man. And most of the art is due to another man. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas was an incredible movie and an inspiring piece of seasonal entertainment. I had always loved Halloween, but this film really codified that belief for me. To me, it captured the entire essence of the holiday and I wanted to duplicate that in a game. So I set out to make a list of everything that Halloween was and what it meant to me. That was the easy part. The hard part was finding some decent artwork that wasn't too childish, but still reflected the scary look and feel of Halloween without being too graphic or disgusting. I'd already had quite a collection of Gustav Dore's art and I loved those old woodcuts. Amazingly, so many of his pictures fit in with Halloween. I had hoped to make the game a tribute to his artwork alone, but not every card had a matching image from him. Still, the final result was gorgeous! Red and black seemed a little more serious than green and orange, but was still accessible to kids and adults alike. The style is pretty darn slick, as is the play of the game. All sorts of creepies, crawlies and spooks to play with and all sorts of scary places to haunt. It's a much better treat than candy!

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